Living Water Audio and Lighting provides a multitude of services for homeowners that are looking to create a perfect outdoor oasis. It takes a lot to make a staycation resort in your own backyard. You might need lighting, audio, water features, entertainment spaces, cook spaces, comfortable furniture, and so much more. At Living Water Audio and Lighting we are the pioneers in the home outdoor entertainment industry. We are able to provide the perfect audio and lighting solutions to create a space you will never want to leave. Living Water Audio and Lighting is the preferred choice for Tulsa outdoor audio and Outdoor lighting Tulsa.

We have a variety of services and solutions for both audio and Outdoor lighting Tulsa. Here is how lighting can enhance your home and your landscape. Tulsa outdoor lighting may ward off bad characters from stepping on your property during dark hours. When homes are well lit, they are less likely to be targeted by burglars and criminals. It may even deter thieves and criminals from your street or even neighborhood. Well-lit homes are safer homes. Keeping low voltage lighting on your property will deter thieves because they can be seen by neighbors, patrol cars or the neighborhood pets.

Tulsa Outdoor Lighting | Sonance SLS Speakers

But, there are tons of other options for lights. Lights can be used for more than safety. Outdoor lighting Tulsa is a great option for featuring architectural elements of your home. For instance, if you have a unique cornerstone on your house, you should highlight it with lighting so it can be seen at night and not just during daylight hours. Uplighting is another way lighting can be used outdoors. Uplighting is popular because it can frame the windows your home like glowing curtains at night. Uplights are either mounted on the home itself or in the landscape beds and point or shoot upwards. They are a beautiful addition to landscape lighting. Outdoor lighting Tulsa can also include pathway lighting. Any route you might take to get from a doorway to water feature or from a door to a visitor’s car is important to light. This add safety for your guests as well as your family when moving from place to place in your property.

Tulsa outdoor audio is the feature you need but never know you did. Here is why. Outdoor audio has been in existence for a while. However, remember seeing or hearing about people enjoying their music too late and having complaints? We are sure that is probably not you. But, we may have known someone. With the improvements in Tulsa outdoor audio you can enjoy your music however loud and however late you want. Why, you might ask? Sound technology improvements have advanced so much so that audio is focused or pointed on a certain area. This means you can jam out to whatever music you wish at very inappropriate loud volumes and the part is that the neighbors will never hear it. Tulsa outdoor audio at Living Water is on a whole other level. We can deliver with confidence the amazing acoustics or having a pair of high quality, expensive headphones on but not disrupt people who aren’t at your home. Speakers are carefully placed to deliver directional sound. Directional sound means you are in control of where to place the sound, where you want it be heard and no where else.

Having Tulsa outdoor audio means you can set the tone and mood for whatever you are doing for your family or your guests in your backyard oasis. Have you noticed that most restaurants or venues where people are encouraged to have fun provide overhead music? It is because it sets the vibe for the guests. You can control the mood with simply providing music for all. Want your backyard to be perceived as the party pad? Great! You can do that with fun, R and B music. Want your backyard to feel like an elaborate, high end restaurant for a bridal shower? Awesome! You can do that with the style and volume of music you play.

Functionality wise, Living Water Audio and Lighting has explained their services fully. However, most customers are concerned with the look of the speakers they remember from 2002. The speakers that we use in outdoor spaces will not only deliver perfect audio coverage, they will look as though they blend in with the landscape. Speakers can be hidden in plain sight. We offer below-ground subwoofers as well. Plants and foliage will camouflage the amazing sound producing speakers. We also offer speakers that look and feel like rocks. These rock speakers are different colors depending on the type and color of rock that is in your landscape. One more speaker design that we haven’t mentioned yet is our tree speakers. We offer speakers that can be discreetly mounted to trees.

Living Water Audio and Lighting not only has the speakers you need to blend with landscape surrounding but we also have the type of quality needed to withstand the harsh outdoor elements and not look worn or faded or like a speaker that you installed 20 years ago. The quality speakers we provide will not chip. Our speakers will not fade because they are UV-resistant.

Tulsa Outdoor Lighting | Sonance Garden Speakers

We are a company dedicated to Tulsa outdoor audio and Tulsa outdoor lighting quality. The speakers we install are engineered to handle the harshest outdoor elements all while maintaining superior sound quality as if they were just installed. This is why Living Water Audio & Lighting is the best, highest quality choice for Tulsa outdoor audio.

Living Water Audio and Lighting wants to be in your backyard and in your landscape. We are confident that the quality technology we select and use in our customer’s homes it the best on the market and will powerfully deliver strong sound to your and your guests. Yet, the system will last through harsh winters, fluctuation in temperatures, rain and snow. We at Living Water Audio and Lighting push outdoor audio performance to the next level.