Giving Back

At Living Water, we are first and foremost, a christian-based company with family values at the heart of our priorities, even more so than Tulsa outdoor audio and Tulsa Outdoor Lighting. Our company was founded in 2017 based on scripture, and we continue to base our company around God and His will for our company.

“Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, Rivers of LIVING WATER will flow from within them.”
John 7:38 NIV

With this as our top priority, we give back in a big way. In fact, Living Water Irrigation has a partnership set up with the John 3:16 Mission. This ministry is reaching out to the community and reclaiming lives. John 3:16 offers restoration services to help those who are looking to better themselves and their life. The organization helps with shelter, family and youth centers in many ways.

John 3:16 is one of the charities that we can give back to. Either way, at Living Water Audio & Lighting, you can trust that just like our sister companies, both Living Water Irrigation and Living Water Lawns, we are giving back in big ways, one way or another. Whether you are looking for Tulsa outdoor audio or Tulsa outdoor lighting, we have you covered. Whether we are participating in charities such as John 3:16, Fight for the Forgotten, or Family Hope House offering services to children and families needing rehabilitation from trauma, we are giving back in some way shape or form. We do this because it is in our nature, and we know how important it is to give back to the community. We love what we do here at Living Water Lawns, this gives us the opportunity to give more to the community that built our company.

Why does Living Water Give Back?

Living Water Audio & Lighting is a company, just like it’s sister companies Living Water Irrigation and Living Water Lawns. By giving back to the community that gave back so much to us, we know we are making a difference and making our community a better place, on a larger scale. We believe that business is a tool, or a vehicle if you will to do the things you actually want to do, like occasionally enjoying the Tulsa outdoor lighting experience created in the backyard.

For example, it is not enough for us to participate in a mission trip once every year. We want to give back all year long. Our business allows us to have the financial means available to contribute every year to companies with a commitment to give back as much as we have here at Living Water Audio & Lighting. At Living Water, giving back to our community is in our nature. We love what we do. We love the involvement of community and charity our company allows us to participate in, and we are happy to keep giving back to the community that built us to be who and what we are today, your incredible, one-stop shop for all outdoor living and Tulsa outdoor audio enhancements.

We are an unapologetically, christian-based organization and we work from the heart. Again, our business is a means, or a vehicle if you will, committed to making a difference much bigger than ourselves, and much bigger than irrigation, or lawncare, or even outdoor audio or outdoor lighting.

How Can You Help?

Ultimately, when you engage in business with a Tulsa outdoor lighting company that gives back, you are buying more than Tulsa outdoor audio enhancements. You are giving back to your community by giving to the companies intentional on giving back. You can help too by giving us suggestions on charities that maybe you are fond of. Our goal at Living Water Audio & Lighting in terms of giving back is to make sure we vet each charity we choose to partner with. You can rest assured that we have looked into other charitable options and the differences to see exactly how much and who is giving back. We believe that anytime you commit to giving to charity, or anytime you are trusted with stewardship from the Heavenly Father, it is your responsibility to ensure funding is actually budgeted responsibly and given to the terms intended. That’s what we do with every single one of the charities we are involved with.


Where Does Living Water Give Back to?

Living Water Audio and Lighting Company, along with the other Living Water sister companies such as Living Water Irrigation and Living Water Lawns, we give back to local, vetted companies within our community. Whether we are installing a sprinkler, or Tulsa outdoor audio enhancements, we give back in all we do. First and foremost, we are strong supporters of the John 3:16 Mission here in Tulsa. We want to help in transforming lives for the better every step of the way, beyond Tulsa outdoor lighting.


Who Does Living Water Give to?

Living Water partners with charitable organizations such as John 3:16 to give back to people who need it in our community. By investing into the goodness within our community, we know, as we have personally seen the difference this can make long term.

What Does Living Water Do to Give Back?

Living Water Audio & Lighting company gives back to all of those in great need. From John 3:16, where the mission in transforming lives, even to Fight for the Forgotten where the goal is to give back to the Pygmy community by helping them escape slavery or create sustainable living environments including drilling wells for fresh water, we put 100% of our heart into each giveback program we are involved in. Although we make sure to give back in an impactful way, and we have our choice, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t open to new charitable giveback opportunities. In fact, our customers who get involved in our giveback program and community of discipleship and missions are some of our greatest relationships. If you have a particular charity in mind, we are always looking to learn more about how we can help with Tulsa outdoor audio and more.


When Does Living Water Give Back?

Living Water gives back to the charitable organizations we are a part of on a routine basis. We have an agreed upon date within the company that we distribute funding and how much goes to each organization. If you are looking for more information about our giveback program, or you want to see how you can help, we encourage you to call us today and ask about our past, current and future giveback programs and how we are helping give back to Tulsa in a big way through both Tulsa outdoor lighting, irrigation and lawncare even.