Is your outdoor living space incomplete?

Experience unparalleled sound quality and mesmerizing Outdoor lighting Tulsa.
Create an environment so incredible you will never want to leave.

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Entertain guests, hang with family, or unwind with memorable music and unparalleled sound quality. Satellite speakers and subwoofers will provide a blanket of even sound without disturbing your neighbors. Your neighbors will not hear your speakers.


Experience just how transformative professional outdoor lighting can be. Adding lighting will create the perfect ambience for your patio, pool, or backyard. Landscape lighting has the power to accentuate architectural features of your home, light pathways, and highlight the foliage in your garden and beds.

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Before you invest in your outdoor space, we provide an on-site demo. On installation day, you won’t have any worries or uncertainties. Our demonstration will allow you to experience just how transformative professional outdoor lighting will be as well as the exceptional sound difference with satellite and subwoofer speakers.

The Living Water Audio & Lighting Difference

We have a close relationship with top manufacturers that offer weather resistant and high quality fixtures that will last longer, save you money, and are more aesthetically attractive. At Living Water we strive to provide true and revolutionary customer service while developing long-lasting, meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships between customers and our Outdoor lighting Tulsa team.

Don’t settle for anything less than the highest quality company for Tulsa outdoor audio and Tulsa outdoor lighting. The Living Water brand has a proven reputation and is a trusted name in the Tulsa metro. Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of families and communities through the outdoor experience our enhancements in outdoor audio and outdoor lighting provide.

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Who We Are

We aim to accomplish something completely new and revolutionary in the construction industry with how we put our customers first. Our communication is extraordinary! You will know everything that is going on without having to wonder or call and ask.

We aim to bring a fun, relaxing, beautiful and safe experience to the backyard in a revolutionary way. With Living Water, we are your solution to the complete outdoor experience. A stress-free, all-encompassing solution for your home’s outdoor experience can be found in one single company. Living Water provides everything from irrigation, to lawn care maintenance and landscaping, all the way to Tulsa outdoor audio and Tulsa outdoor lighting. We have you covered every step of the way.

Our Story

Relax, Enjoy, and Have Fun with Those Who Matter Most

We want to make your backyard the social and recreational go-to. Whether you are seeking a place to relax with family and friends or a venue for entertainment, you’ve made the right choice to contact Living Water.

Experience unparalleled sights, sounds and wonderful vibes in your very own outdoor space. Take your backyard to the next level when you call Living Water Audio & Lighting. Living Water Audio & Lighting is the top Tulsa outdoor audio and Tulsa outdoor lighting company. Schedule your free, outdoor demonstration today!

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The Living Water Mission

Our Outdoor lighting Tulsa mission is to serve – serve our God, serve our community, serve our neighbors, and last but not least, serve our customers. Living Water Audio & Lighting is no different than Living Water Irrigation or LIving Water Lawns. We provide the highest quality, highest rated service because of our commitment to you. If our mission is to serve, you can bet we want to make a difference in your day, but also in your lives when you see and experience the magic touch that both Tulsa Outdoor Audio and Tulsa Outdoor Lighting can do for your backyard experience.

Families love the additions, because it can really create a sense of peace when you have your backyard lit up showcasing the beautiful highlights all of your hard work brings, and the magic touch of personality you bring to your backyard.


About Living Water Audio & Lighting

With the same exceptional company that brought you irrigation and sprinkler repair, then lawn care maintenance and landscape design, Living Water is now also bring you lighting and audio to take your backyard oasis to the next level.


What Can Living Water Audio & Lighting Do for You?

Thanks to the incredible environment you intentionally create and the help of the Living Water Outdoor lighting Tulsa team, you are able to create a fun, beautiful outdoor space, while also increasing safety and security measurements all at the same time. We are a family-owned and operated company that prides itself on family values. Safety is of utmost importance to us at Living Water Lawns. Not only do we design and Tulsa outdoor audio and lighting experience, but we also keep your family’s safety as our top priority in mind. We used the highest quality outdoor lighting and outdoor audio equipment that limits or eliminates malfunction, but we also showcase certain areas of your lawn and backyard to deter burglars and other unwanted visitors in the dark hours of the night.


The Living Water Customer Satisfaction Mission

Whether you need irrigation services such as a sprinkler system installation or repair so you no longer have the chore of watering your grass, or you want a complete, full-service lawn company serving your maintenance and landscaping needs, we take the same Living Water satisfaction mission to the world of outdoor audio and outdoor lighting with Living Water Audio & Lighting


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We make it quick and easy. We assess your budget, we ask you questions based on your needs and objectives for outdoor enhancements including Tulsa outdoor lighting and audio, and then we make a plan that fits your family perfectly!